7 days in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires
+4 days of relax and leisure in historical Colonia del Sacramento

Group classes:

-TANGO & MILONGA: "Embrace, movement and musicality"

 All levels
 Wednesday 7:30 pm: Av. Santa Fe 2520 1º (Centro Cultural PKR)

Semi private groups:

-E-Mail your inquiries about semi private classes for intermediate-advanced groups limited to three couples.

Coaching for competitions:


Are you training for the World Tango Championship or any other contest?
E-mail for information about tailored coaching programs.

Private classes:

-Click HERE for bookings and information about 3, 5 or 10 hour packages.

Experience Tango in Buenos Aires



03/17 - 24: Minneapolis, Minnesota

04/1 - 8: Gainsville, Florida (TBC)
04/8 - 16: San francisco, California
04/16 - 22: Charlottesville, Virginia
04/23 - 26: NYC. New York (TBC)
04/26 - 05/06: Burlington, Vermont 

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"As we say in Argentina" -
Cultura de Tango con María Olivera

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