Instructional DVD  - "Technique for followers"

A wide selection of individual exercises methodically broken down to practice and improve fundamental aspects of the follower's technique such as feet strengthening, posture, balance, the walk, the pivots and decorations.

Improving your own technique will allow you to feel confident and dance without extra effort. It will also help you protect your body to move with comfort and without residual pain the day after.

Get a full copy on your mail or purchase each episode individually and download them to your device.

You're just a few clicks away from becoming the dancer you want to be!


Download episodes

Episode 1:
Feet and core strengthening

Episode 2:


Episode 3:

The walk

Episode 4:
The pivots

Episode 5:


Episode 6:

Examples of adornments

Order your copy here:

Tango cotoure by Mariel Bobek

Seda fría nude y negro con detalle de encaje elastizado.
¡Espectacular espalda!


Straples lycra brillante.
Detalle de encaje elastizado

Consutlar colores disponibles.


Vestido strapless/halter
Snake elastizado.

Lucía print

Terciopelo elastizado oro.
Strapless de encaje elastizado oro.
Consultar colores disponibles.


Seda fría doble.
Cómodo y sentador.

Consultar colores disponibles.


Terciopelo elastizado bordeaux.
Sin espalda con volado.

Consutlar colores disponibles.

Los Angeles

Halter Seda fría doble

con frunce.
Consultar colores disponibles.


Halter combinado.

Terciopelo y seda fría.
Consultar colores disponibles.


"Estela" combinado

Terciopelo elastizado oro.
Sin espalda - godet.
Consultar colores disponibles.


Conjunto falda y top strapless

terciopelo elastizado.
Consultar colores disponibles.


Combinado seda fría y terciopelo elastizado con encaje elastizado.
Consultar colores disponibles.


Tango cotoure by Mariel Bobek

Black velvet

Perfect for performances or competitions.
Black velvet, stretchy tulle and shiny guipur.

Sueño azul

Blue velvet, stretchy tulle and silver guipur
Absolutely dreamy.

Para brillar

Black paillet over stretchy tulle.
Splendorous and shiny, ideal for the dance floor or perfomances.

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